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Executive Producer

I created Rant and Rave to provide a voice to the modern woman the game has exploded and woman are right there in the mist. Today there are now “women only” fantasy football leagues and women catered football parties. Even the NFL has recognized the potential women gold mine as they now have a separate apparel line to cater to females. What we see as the norm now in Erin Andrews, Pam Oliver, and Suzy Kolber reporting on the sidelines was non-existent about 20 or 30 years ago. The change in football culture has been stunning since most women viewed the sport as downright barbaric not long ago, but modern women are some of the most passionate fans of all nowadays. Rant and Rave is breaking new ground as its the first all woman cast covering the Baltimore Ravens.


Color Commentator

The only girl and youngest along with four sons and from what my Mom said, the roughest. A mother of two, with a son who is also an athlete (I push football), I grew up playing football in the streets with the guys and was a heck of a tackler myself. Once my older brother was patient enough to teach me what the penalties and plays were I had a better understanding and began to love the game for what it is instead of picking a winner by the prettiest uniform, most handsome quarterback or yes, I admit a booty watcher (Well I still love that part). I am usually the most animated person watching the games and my passion now for the game I can’t explain but I’m told it’s almost an obsession…just ask anyone who knows me.

…Theresa “LuvsMyRavens” Scott:

Host and Commentator

Some of the female population actually know what in the hell is going on out there on the field. These lovely ladies purely love the sport or secretly wish that they could put on the pads and make some tackles themselves. (Especially if the game is less than spectacular!) These women may be mom’s of sons that play football or grew up around the sport itself. I happen to be one of these women. I love the game, everything that comes with it and cry like a baby in February when it’s all over!



Living in Northeast Balto.all my life several blocks from 33rdSt.which was formerly Memorial Stadium,I grew up loving sports,especially football.I could hear the sports announcers from my window.Later,I then started working at MemorialStadium where I could watch the game up close and personal.This is where I learned the game where most women would other wise be oblivious.I fell in love with the game.That’s truly a great asset to have when you’re on the dating scene.



Now I know plenty of divas that watch the game purely to see men in uniform. It’s so sad to say, but those posterior regions look rather nice in pads and that’s why we don’t mind sitting for 3 hours to watch the game with you. Hey…what can I say?! Men have their reasons for watching women’s tennis, and we have our reasons for watching the game of football. The best asse….ahem…uniforms include the Ravens, Cowboys, Saints and even the Cardinals. Now that’s not all of them, those just happen to be MY favorites. These teams’ uniforms look slimming in the right areas and more delicious than the others. Just telling the truth!